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Photo Days Castle Frankenstein - Myths, Legends, Will’o’Wisps

Together with Castle Frankenstein Lightpainting-Helpdesk organizes an exhibition and a lightpaiting meeting. Topic of the photo days will be myths, legends and will’o’wisps. The photo days will be held in the weeks surrounding whitsun.


The exhibition will take place from 14th to 27th of May in the restaurant of Castle Frankenstein.

The Lightpainting Meeting will take place from 18th to 21th of May on the castle grounds.

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.

Registration and participation fee are required for the meeting.


The Photography Days are part of the International Day of Light, which was initiated by Unesco. It is celebrated annually on May 16th, the anniversary of the first successful laser operation by physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman in 1960. This is a symbol of the interplay between research, science and light that finds more and more place in art, culture and entertainment. The Light Painting World Alliance took up this day as the International Day of Lightpainting. Lightpainting is a clear proof of the uniqueness of light. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colours and new meanings into our lives.


Registration and participation fee are required for the meeting.

The exhibition will include pictures of about 30 Lightpainting artists that will be placed in the entire restaurant. These are photos taken in a long exposures and combine real elements with light. All exhibition areas are freely accessible in the restaurant. During the two weeks of the exhibition, various workshops and lectures will be held on the subject of "Light in Photography".


In the course of the Lightpainting Meeting about 20 artists will meet on the castle grounds and realize joint projects. Various workshops are also offered. The aim of the meeting is to bring both beginners and advanced participants together. The castle grounds offer many possibilities to present the theme of the photo days.


Close cooperation between the Lightpainting-Helpdesk and Castle Frankenstein has resulted in an extensive supporting programme, including a guided tour planned and carried out by the owner of the castle and his team.


Further information can be found on the official homepage of the Fototage Burg Frankenstein: